Influence of Abiotic Factors in the Chemical Origin of Life: Biomorphs as a Study Model

Synthesis of Crystalline Silica−Carbonate Biomorphs of Ba(II) under the Presence of RNA and Positively and Negatively Charged ITO Electrodes: Obtainment of Graphite via Bioreduction of CO2 and Its Implications to the Chemical Origin of Life on Primitive Earth

Silica-Carbonate of Ba(II) and Fe2+/Fe3+ Complex as Study Models to Understand Prebiotic Chemistry

Biosynthesis of micro- and nanocrystals of Pb (II), Hg (II) and Cd (II) sulfides in four Candida species: a comparative study of in vivo and in vitro approaches

The Role of Calcium and Strontium as the Most Dominant Elements during Combinations of Diferent Alkaline Earth Metals in the Synthesis of Crystalline Silica-Carbonate Biomorphs

Synthesis of Bimetallic Nanoparticles of Cd4HgS5 by Candida Species

The Effect of DNA from Escherichia Coli at High and Low CO2 Concentrations on the Shape and Form of Crystal-line Silica-Carbonates of Barium (II)

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